Why did Lex add photos?

Lex used to be photo-free. So why the change? We added profile photos to enrich the experience of meeting new people.

Simply put...you asked and we listened! Photos have been our #1 most requested feature from the community. People asked for photos for a number of reasons, but mainly to:

  • feel more safe & secure when pursuing new connections online
  • show a bit more personality
  • share what they look like in anticipation of meeting up with people

We spoke to tons of Lexers and created a photo experience that feels right for our platform. After many months of user testing*, we decided to roll the feature out to everyone!

Photos are totally optional

Adding a picture to your profile is optional. We understand how valuable privacy and anonymity are to queer folks and don’t want anyone to feel pressured.

If you don’t feel like adding a photo of yourself, you can add a picture of your cat, a meme that made you laugh, or one of our Lexmojis.

We can’t wait to see how you use this new feature to show your personality & connect with other queer folks on Lex!

*interested in helping us out with user testing? Sign up here!

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