Do I have to share my location?

Sharing your location on Lex is a key part of the app experience. However, it is possible to avoid sharing your location or to reduce how much information Lex has about your location.

Using Lex without sharing your location

During onboarding, you can say ‘no’ when prompted to turn on location services. However, this will greatly impact your ability to use Lex to its full extent.

When location services are turned off,

  • you can’t post in the feed
  • you can’t use distance filters

Please note that once you’ve opted to share your location on your Lex profile, it’s not possible to undo it.

Limiting Lex’s access to your exact location

Here are a few tips to protect your privacy, while still allowing you to use the app:

  1. If you don’t want to display the name of your town but you live near a city center, change your location the next time you’re in the city. That way your profile will display the general area you’re in without exposing your town. (Reminder: if you change location, you need to manually update it in your profile settings - find instructions here!)
  2. On iOS, you can visit your location settings for Lex and turn off “precise location” so the app never has access to your exact location.

Note: our team doesn’t do anything with your location information. If you’re curious about what we do with user data, you can read more here. These tips are in case you want to be extra cautious.

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