Group chat on Lex: How to start, join, or leave a group chat

In this article we’ll cover a few of the basics when it comes to group chats on Lex.

How do I start a group chat?

Starting a group chat is simple, just follow these steps:

  • Tap on the envelope icon in the bottom menu to open your inbox
  • Tap the “New group chat” button at the top of your inbox
  • Add people you’ve chatted with recently, or skip this step to invite people to your group chat later (see section below!)
  • Pick a name for your group chat and write a brief description of what your group is or does
  • Tap “create”, and wait for people to join!

How do I get more people to join my group chat?

There are a few ways you can invite more people to your group chat. These options are all found on the “details” page of your group chat.

1. Share on feed

Advertise your group chat to the Lex community by sharing it in a feed post! Tap “Share on feed”, then write up a post the way you normally would.

When people tap the link in their feed, they’ll be able to see the group chat’s name and description, and they can request to join. They won’t see your group chat’s messages or members until they are approved to join.

2. Share via… and Copy link

You can also share a link to your group chat to people who aren’t on Lex yet. On the description page of your group chat, tap “Share via” to directly send a link to someone via a different app, or tap “Copy link” in order to paste the link in a message to someone.

3. Invite members (admins only)

Admins of group chats can invite new members by sending them a private invitation, which will appear as a message in their inbox. When someone is invited to a group chat this way, they don’t need to be approved to join the group chat. If they accept the invite, they automatically become a member!

How do I join a group chat?

You can join a group chat a few different ways. All group chats are private by default, which means unless you receive an invitation from the admin of the group chat, you’ll need to be approved to join a group chat.

Here’s how to join a group chat:

  • Accept an invite you received via DM
  • Tap “request to join” if someone sent you a link to join their group chat, or if you viewed the group chat via someone’s post about it

How do I leave a group chat?

To leave a group chat you’re a member of,

  • Tap the three dots in the corner of your screen while viewing the group chat
  • Tap “Leave group”
  • Confirm your choice to leave the group chat in the menu that pops up

Once you’ve left a group chat, it will no longer appear in your inbox. You will still see any posts about the group chat that are in the main feed, and you will be able to be invited and/or request to join the group chat again.

Please note that at this time, group chat admins are not able to leave their own group chats.

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