Law enforcement requests

As needed, our team will cooperate with external law enforcement to help keep our community safe and to comply with existing laws and regulations.

Law enforcement agencies can submit a data or preservation request by contacting us at the below address. Please note that we will not respond to emails sent to this address by non-law enforcement officials.

To ensure we can complete your request in a timely manner, all data requests from law enforcement must include:

  • An email address from a law enforcement domain
  • The person’s name and one of the below three pieces of information:
    • A registered email address
    • A registered mobile/cell phone number
    • The person’s username
  • The reason for your request
  • The information required
  • A named contact person, including department and title with contact phone number
  • An attachment of the applicable legal process, such as a subpoena or search warrant.
    • If Lex’s address is used in this document, please use the following formatting to ensure it is accurate:

      Personal Best, Inc
      185 Wythe Avenue F2
      Brooklyn, NY 11249

Please submit the above requested information to

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