I can't sign into my account

Troubleshooting tips

Having sign-in difficulties? This could be for a range of reasons. Here are a few things to try: 

  • New users are required to add an email to account, so try signing in with your email address! 
  • If you're using an email and password, try signing in with your phone number. It's common for folks to forget how they signed in, and sometimes the issue is that simple. 

If you're unable to receive a verification code or email, take a look at this FAQ for further guidance. 

Contact Support

If you're still having trouble signing in, please email support@thisislex.app and we will help you recover your account. In your email, please include the following:

  • Your Lex username
  • The phone number and/or email address you signed up with (please include your country code!)
  • A description of the issue you're experiencing. If you're getting error messages or visual glitches in the app, please send us a screenshot! 
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