When to submit a report

Lex is community moderated, meaning we trust our users to help keep Lex safe. We ask that you only report people for community guidelines violations or interactions that make you feel unsafe. 

Please refrain from using the tool as a way to police other people on the app. Remember, if you don't like someone's vibe, you can always choose to block them instead.

Here's a quick guide for reporting:

When to report

  • if they violated a community guideline, for instance by spreading misinformation or attempting to operate a scam
  • if they're harassing you or in any way making you feel unsafe on the app

When not to report

  • If you think someone doesn't belong on Lex because of their gender

Here's the thing: you can't know someone's gender just by their name and pronouns. Someone could not wish to disclose their gender identity, or they could still be figuring themselves out. There's no need to put them on the spot or say that they don't belong on this platform. Lex is for trans, lesbian, nonbinary, and LGBTQ folks to connect. 

  • If you disagree with someone, don't like their tone, or don't like their style of posting

We don't condone tone policing, which is often a tool used to suppress the voices of marginalized people. If you don't like what someone has to say, you can always block them.

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