What's with Lex's new look?

On January 26th 2023, Lex will drop a hot new look — Lex is revealing a rebrand and features to set it on course to be the #1 app for LGBTQ+ friends & queer community. Since our crowd-funded MVP release, Lex has evolved from a dating app to a vibrant social platform. This new look is officially marking that transition.

Lex tapped the NYC creative agency &Walsh, founded by Jessica Walsh, to work closely with the team on the new look of Lex. The brand was directed by three concepts: Queer Playground, Ever-Growing, Raw-Edge. Lex makes space for LGBTQ+ people to find joy and be their unapologetic self.

Lex worked with &Walsh to gather feedback from Lexers throughout the design process. The new look gave us an opportunity to make the font & colors on Lex more accessible, and will make it easier for us to add more accessibility features in the future, among other exciting changes we have in mind.

What’s different?

Aside from the new look, you’ll notice a few minor changes to how the app works. Here are the main differences:

  • The filters icon now lives in the top-right corner of your main feed
  • The age filter is no longer a slider, making it easier to select your preferred parameters
  • When you write a post, you will now only see your post limit when you have 1 post remaining
  • You can now use emojis in your Lex posts! 💖🌈 ✳️

We love your feedback!
What do you think about our new look? Send an email to support@lex.lgbt with your feedback 🌈

And if you want to be a part of big changes at Lex in the future, sign up for user research.

Not seeing the rebranded app?
Visit your app store or delete & re-install Lex to get the latest version.

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