I'm not getting push notifications

If you aren’t receiving notifications for new messages, reactions, and/or new posts in your area, here are a few troubleshooting tips to try before reporting this as a bug.

  1. Check that you have notifications turned on in your Lex settings. To do so,
    • Tap the smiley face to visit your profile
    • Tap the three lines in the top right corner to access your settings
    • Toward the top you should see the NOTIFICATIONS section where you can toggle your preferred notifications on or off. Note: if they’re already turned on, try toggling them off & on again (you might need to do it a few times) to reset things!
  2. Visit your device’s notifications center in your settings and check to make sure notifications for Lex are enabled.

It’s surprisingly common that folks will have one or both of these settings turned off without realizing it. If you checked both of these settings and you’re still not receiving notifications, shake your device or tap ‘Report an issue’ in your Lex account settings. This will notify us that you may be experiencing a bug.

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