Lex Campus Ambassador Program - Frequently Asked Questions

Tell us a bit about yourself and apply here to be a Lex Campus Ambassador!

What is Lex?

Lex is the social app for LGBTQ+ community. Our location based feed helps you find friends, date, events, groups and more in local area. We’re all queer owned and all queer operated.

What is the Lex Campus Ambassador Program?

As Lex Campus Ambassador, you’ll help spread the word about Lex. It’s a unique opportunity to grow your queer network and gain marketing and project management experience.

  • SPREAD THE WORD: You’ll help reach queer people on your campus and in your community by distributing Lex marketing materials, creating social content, organizing a campus Lex group, working with different student organizations, and partnering with local businesses.
  • WEEKLY UPDATES: You’ll receive weekly correspondence from Lex HQ to equip, assist, teach, and support you in your quest to queering your campus!
  • PRODUCT FEEDBACK: You’ll be at the forefront of all new Lex updates and features and will be consulted and have the opportunity to give feedback on all major changes to the app and upcoming event and partnership ideas!

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Who are we looking for?

  • You’re an LGBTQ+ university student who’s currently attending an undergraduate or graduate degree
  • You’re a queer community champion who’s looking to help queer people find their people anywhere and everywhere!
  • You’re communicative and willing to receive weekly updates from the Lex Marketing Team and respond when necessary
  • You’re awareness oriented and want to share the Lex brand across your campus and community physically and digitally
  • You’re innovative and feedback oriented, willing to check up upcoming Lex features and ideas and give feedback whenever you have it!

Tell us a bit about yourself and apply here to be a Lex Campus Ambassador!

What’s in it for you?

We know that being a student is basically a full-time job already, and we value the hard work of queering your campus!

Rewards include:

  • Financial compensation
  • Unique Lex merch
  • Real-time marketing experience
  • Chance to work with, for and alongside exclusively queer people
  • Opportunities to give feedback and input on upcoming Lex features and initiatives

Download Lex to find queer friends who get it.

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